There are several ways to contact me:

  1. Feel free to email. My address is You can use PGP or GPG to encrypt your message with this public key. Encoded within the aforementioned public key is an alternate address whose inbox I check more regularly.

  2. You can send a message over the XMPP protocol to If you care about privacy, you can check that Transport Layer Security is working and enable OMEMO end-to-end encryption in your XMPP client.

  3. I am also a Signal user. My username on that service is the result of concatenating my first and last names and then appending the discriminator 22.

Don't be shy. It's fine to say hi, whether we know each other or not. I'll chit-chat with you about anything. If you've messaged me before and the conversation went cold, feel free to try again. Can't wait to hear from you!