There are many ways to contact me:

  1. Feel free to email. My address is You can use PGP or GPG to encrypt your message with this public key. This method will come with a delay of at least several days. Encoded within the aforementioned public key is an alternate email address that will yield faster results.

  2. I am also a Signal user. My username on that service is ephemeral, but for now you should be able to establish a connection by concatenating my first and last names and then appending the discriminator 22. This is by far the fastest method.

  3. You can send me a message over the XMPP protocol at Please make sure Transport Layer Security is working and consider enabling OMEMO end-to-end encryption in your XMPP client. This method is also fast, although if you use OMEMO, please send a greeting first, then wait for a response to ensure that our fingerprints are synced.

Can't wait to hear from you!